The newest Hieros Gamos ‘s the Married Garment away from Jesus, wearing brand new Light Robes of your One to

Hieros Gamos refers to the Grown Christos-Sophia, while the embodiment of your internal hiero-gamic partnership amongst the man therefore the divine. Hieros Gamos ‘s the full resurrection of system towards endless light from Christos, Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Regarding authorities come back to active harmony, neutral from the Unity Career or Zero point), the brand new lightbody are is the one that have God, and the Christos person is glorified within its excellence given that user away from God’s endless light picture.

Inside Hieros Gamos Couplings, the new genetic equivalent of your own Monad unites featuring its counterpart so you’re able to embody this new sacred matrimony regarding Krystic equals, to combine towards the That spiritual body to hang the newest Spirits of Christ. A beneficial Krystic men and you can a beneficial Krystic People unify inside a Hieros Gamos or Pole and you can Employees Commitment while the Christos-Sophia, to be of provider inside God’s Eternal White divine intend to best the fresh new Sophianic System and also to repair liberation away from Ascension upon the planet. Hieros Gamos ‘s the embodiment of one’s the fresh Cosmic Beam Wavelengths out of Mother Arc dating een aseksueel Aquamarine and Father Arch Emerald green colors and you can its DNA Contact becoming put compared to that Market. These frequency shade portray this new Aurora Body Guardian awareness of Joined Krystic Models embodied later on sovereignty schedule away from GSF. (Inter-dimensional Resonator, and additionally Ft Build, Overtone and you may Resonant Build Amplifier).


  • 1 Intercourse Principle into the Production
  • dos This new Relationship Paradigm
  • 3 Religious Marriage right away
  • 4 Spiritual Marriage Mathematical Trend
  • 5 Aurora Amp Talisman
  • six Three Amounts of Sacred Relationships
  • seven Values from Spiritual Development in Around three Levels
  • 8 Top One Triad: Strengthening Wings
  • nine Peak A couple of Triad: Crystal Lotus Cardiovascular system

Sex Principle when you look at the Production

In the Ascension context, the fresh new synthesizing of your own pairs of productive contrary toward unity are also known as polarity consolidation, active synthesis or spiritual elizabeth meaning when used togender unification and this ‘s the energetic harmony involving the masculine principle and you may female concept. So you’re able to biologically develop spiritually new energetic harmony within male and women vitality within the self need to be good. The latest top of this perfect unification are Hieros Gamos.Worldwide reaches that axis with time the spot where the sex concept regarding creation nowadays was checked out for active ethics for each top it exists. Generally this is an effective planetary human body merkaba move between your avoid rotating spirals of one’s masculine and feminine powers. Meaning one everything relating to masculine and you can female values of your energy on this subject entire world try in the process of particular sorts of transformation at the plan height which to switch Gender Concept.

The new Matchmaking Paradigm

“The term hieros gamos is used basically to mention on the sacred relationship anywhere between several divinities, otherwise ranging from an individual becoming and you will Mother/Dad God, otherwise anywhere between a couple humans (less than specific unique requirements); the ultimate alchemy away from forces hence harmonize polar opposites.”

Religious Marriage immediately

This Krystal Celebrity layout at which had previously been also known as Religious Wedding very quickly has returned towards Planet logo designs inside the 2012 from alchemical restoration of your Hieros Gamos. Connected from the Unity Company logos, a guardian enterprise so you can rebirth the Planetary Logo designs. Hieros Gamos otherwise Hierogamy is the Sacred Relationships regarding a human Getting with Divinity (the inner Heart) additionally the Unification ranging from all of the lifestyle phrases as well as degrees of contrary. From the Guardian direction, Religious Ascension constitutes the brand new Technology of Soul, encompassing the entire creational aspects away from exactly how spirit and you can number travel while in the some time and space. From the certain quantities of volume combination inside the spiral of your time, availableness is achievable in order to the latest DNA layouts hence embodiments. Society reaches you to axis over the years.