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Reef Safe Wrasse Hello saltwater gods,

BTW I got once the «bad named (your > > words)» yellow «coris». but he decided to jump out from my tank 🙁 I > > wonder if I should give a second chance to one of these guys > > Edgar > > Fenner> > Ok, I’ll forget about those, I really like my shrimps 🙂 > Edgar > Yup 🙂 I’m really surprised that you have answered so fast during this time and I really appreciate that. Not everyday you can talk with THE expert 🙂 most of the times I just read your book. Edgar

Example: > I’ll take a look at the web page once again

Re: More Hi Robert > Thanks a lot for your fast answer, I’ll follow your advice and get a small > wrasse for my tank. > Edgar > Bob Fenner> > Oh, and these are covered on our site by genus. BTW I got once the «bad named (your words)» yellow «coris». but he decided to jump out from my tank 🙁 I wonder if I should give a second chance to one of these guys Edgar

– Tuskfish – Our local fish dealer has a beautiful harlequin tusk fish about 3 inch. long I have a 135 gallon tank with live rock and some soft coral (2 fingers and 1 hammer) Is this fish compatible the books I have don’t say.

– Wrasse Question – Hello, can a harlequin tusk be in a tank with a red head solon wrasse?

Christmas time wrasse (among about about three kinds. ) >Hello, >>Good morning Rosie, Marina here. >I bought a christmas time wrasse at LFS, the guy told you it is reef safer. I have expected most other sources and study in a number of instructions it won’t annoy corals however, usually consume decorative shrimp, clams, an such like. We have good ninety girl reef therefore is impossible to eliminate your when the he begins pretending right up, therefore i has actually your during my hospital tank up until I get the correct information about your. I hope you can help me. Thank you Rosie >>Please select that it food item breakdown on the previously mentioned wrasse, identified from the medical nickname from Thalassoma trilobatum >> >>All round malfunction through >> >>Allow this serve as a training to people reading this, Various other advanced reason to make use of quarantine business. Rosie, your wisdom have served your very well in this situation. Good-luck to you! Marina

A Reef Safe Wrasse 5/ Are the lunar or sometimes call ed moon wrasse reef safe? Thanks Michelle

😉 > Have quick question for you today. I have a well established 120 gallon tank (60x18x26), 3-4″ DSB 180 pounds Fiji, Kaelini rock, some soft corals and other cleanup type critters, one coral beauty, cardinal fish and a blue dot puffer. I really, really like the wrasse body style and coloration. The question is can you point me into a good direction what type have good coloration/movement/easy to care for? Are there different types that can’t be housed together? links for husbandry etc. like to due as much research on these guys as possible prior to ordering them. < Here's a place to start: You might also want to look at Marine Fishes by Scott Michael. Lots of good wrasses listed in their. One of our sponsors, the Marine Center ( lists a section of reef safe wrasses.> BTW you guys provide an excellent service to this hobby, can’t say enough good things about you and you efforts. Thanks, Chris