The current design, Veronica, are an effective twenty two yr old COED that is ready for the best haircut- Hairless Effortless!

When you attend scientific college or university or medical college or university, you aren’t agreeing so you can pass away in the practice of your own occupation

Join all of us now towards sandwich getting Bree’s The Haircut. Bree was significant just like the a statue, and you may able having another type of haircut. She does not want commit «Entirely» to shaved easy, but wishes the fresh new corners and you can straight back BUZZED while the most useful clipped in order to jaw duration.
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When you attend scientific college otherwise nursing school, you are not agreeing in order to pass away from the habit of your own industry

Before we turn to our «usual shtikk» of haircuts and headshaving, we really want to say THANK YOU to the brave doctors, nurses, and medical personnel, fighting, and often losing their lives, in the fight against the Corona virus.

And yet, every single day a large number of physicians and you may nurses enter harm’s means to fight a life threatening combat this new Corona malware- of many have lost the lives in the fight.

We feel of numerous of many physicians and nurses will receive an excellent «Scientific MEDAL Off Award» to own valor far above the phone call of obligation. Bravo to these intrepid heroes whoever courage when confronted with the fresh new adversary will be honored having future generations- can get God-bless her or him and keep maintaining him or her safe from spoil.

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When you go to scientific university or nursing college, you’re not agreeing to die from the habit of your career

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