This study explores the intimate and you may reproductive habits regarding Nicaraguan teenage women, and you will recommends numerous strategies for creating treatments

We determined the brand new median age at the sexual debut and you will ages from the earliest beginning playing with lifetime desk data

Yet inspite of the large teenage fertility rates, birth prevention fool around with certainly teenagers and you will young people in the Nicaragua is pretty high: Seventy percent from sexually energetic female old 15–twenty four said currently playing with a contraception in one single higher survey. 12 However, almost every other research has discover much lower cost out-of means fool around with when inquiring regarding personal activities, suggesting contradictory birth prevention explore, together with routines from teenagers (20–24) can be obscuring the ones from adolescents (15–19). 13 Inside 2001, only 3% out of Nicaraguans aged fifteen–forty two stated using condoms, that is for example relevant about teenage health, while the kids try less likely to want to explore most other, continuous forms of birth prevention and are prone to participate inside the infrequent otherwise unplanned gender. fourteen

Prior to now known things that have been associated with prior to initiation regarding childbearing is lowest academic attainment, absence of this new biological father on the household during teens and you may living in a rural town. cuatro,11 Recent work in Nicaragua’s money urban area concentrating on bad, urban women displayed you to definitely taking coupon codes for reproductive healthcare enhanced its access to contraceptives, recommending one to availability are a central situation for many groups. 15 Very early wedding, diminished gender knowledge, romanticism, machismo, intercourse double requirements and you will spiritual prohibition off birth control have also been suggested as you are able habbo arama to members towards country’s highest teenage virility rate. ten,sixteen,17

We held regression analyses to assess brand new has an effect on of several socioeconomic and you can individual points to your adolescents’ ages at the sexual first, years initially birth and latest accessibility a modern-day contraception.


This research spends studies on the 2001 Nicaragua Demographic and you will Wellness Questionnaire (DHS). Sampling is actually presented having good stratified, two-stage construction, and houses were at random chosen out of pripling units in order to make a great around the world member possibilities shot. All women in this a family group have been interviewed yourself, and complete data put provided 13,060 people aged 15–44. We put study off 3,142 women old fifteen–19 whom answered questions about the intercourse. Per interviews survived whenever 45 times, and all educated, ladies Nicaraguan interviewers put an organized, standardized survey.

Interview amassed information regarding respondents’ ages within interview, from the intimate introduction and at earliest delivery ( not regarding points surrounding the last two methods), and on its place of house (urban or rural), knowledge height (not one, primary, additional, or higher), marital position (single without partner, hitched and you can life style separately, solitary and you can cohabiting, and you can hitched) and you can awareness of some birth-control strategies and the ovulatory years. Participants was in fact along with questioned whether or not they had ever had gender, whether or not they had actually ever offered birth and whether they got ever utilized a modern contraception approach. Their socio-monetary reputation is actually predicated on individuals property characteristics as well as the fingers away from many household items,* together with ensuing wide range directory was used to separate your lives the population with the money quintiles. Eventually, participants was asked whenever they wished to have a baby contained in this a couple of years, assuming they consider they would have difficulties taking consent to check out a doctor (a good marker getting insufficient medical care liberty).

Research was indeed assessed with Intercooled STATA 8.0, making use of the compatible DHS-tasked questionnaire weighting. Such tips had been up coming looked at using emergency research procedure, in which i performed Cox proportional chances modeling separately with household, training and money quintile into the a great bivariate design, before including many of these parameters within the a beneficial multivariate model you to produced adjusted possibility percentages. The brand new model for age at first delivery and managed for age at the intimate debut.